Apple Car: The Future Foundation Of The Automotive Industry In 2025

According to Allied Market Research, the market size of the electric vehicle industry is over $118,864.5 million and has been anticipated to reach $567,299.8 in the next 5 years in 2025.
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The whispers of the autonomous Apple car have finally come to light as recent reports have indicated the possible release date for this car as the project was rumoured to have been shut down however it has been stated by Apple, that this mystery vehicle will launch in 2024.

However due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic the project could possibly be set back to 2025. Moving forward this vehicle could be Apple’s next step into the electric car market, as they have already manged to shine a light in the tech industry quite remarkably with iPhone.

Cars or other motorised vehicles typically are a major foundation of the future as you may know cars have not been on good terms with our planet when it comes to climate issues. However, with the recent success of electric cars the subject of fossil fuels and patrol may be nothing more than a vague memory as this automobile will use a next generation battery which will help the entirety of the project itself as this will place the vehicle at a much more affordable price.

Apple Car 2024 Concept

Apple Car 2024 Concept

The battery will be powered using lithium ion and is anticipated to last for a larger duration of time and with that will also be using a rather explicit ‘’mono-cell’’ design which will eliminate pouches and Modules from the equation.

Because of the more affordable and longer lasting battery in manufacturing this vehicle, it will reduce the price to a much more affordable bargain. And as a result, because of the reasonable price it could very well disrupt the car industry.

According to Allied Market Research, the market size of the electric vehicle industry is over $118,864.5 million and has been anticipated to reach $567,299.8 in the next 5 years in 2025. Due to the large expansion in numbers which credits the mainstream electric car companies such as Tesla, Nio, and Nikola Motors, all which have managed to boost the numbers in the electric car industry, globally.

The movement in resolving environmental issues has been spreading like wildfire. As the increase in the usage of electric cars have been massively going upwards, companies which have already managed to make a mark on this subject are continuing to expand and revolutionise the subject of electric cars.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

Apple has essentially made their mark in the tech industry by disrupting certain markets such as the one which they have their very name imprinted i.e. the smart phone market.

The Apple iPhone reinterpreted the entire concept of smartphones with its revolutionary software, which was said to be ahead of its time. Now if you were to look at the enormous crater that the iPhone left behind, people will begin to linger around the question what impact will the Apple car have in the car/automotive industry?

Now this could potentially be the breakthrough of the decade as in most cases futuristic cars have always stayed on the other side of the line which separates concept and mainstream, and in this case the line is finally being cut.

With the innovative persona of Apple, it would not be far-fetched if the design of the automobile would resemble smaller cars with bigger display interiors.

However, taking into account the time and generation this vehicle is set to be launched, it could change the whole projects foundation, as there would many technological advancements in the near future.

On the March 10th, 2014 Apple had made their first mark in the automotive software market. Launching a car navigation software dubbed Apple CarPlay which would allow accessibility to any app available within a user’s smart device.

Apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so on could very well be accessed either by passengers or drivers via Bluetooth. Different mechanisms which have been implemented within the car could very well be controlled by an app which has a connectivity link to the vehicle allowing for the user to have full remote access to the apple cars capabilities.

The confirmation of this project has been announced as Apple were silent after further speculations and information in regard to the Apple car and still will take much time until it reaches the showroom.

However, this will be a major breakthrough both for Apple and the electric car industry as Apple hasn’t failed in disrupting  mainstream markets in the past, as this could have a positive impact on electrical cars and electric vehicles (EVs) sales in the future.

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