Chairman PCB appeals for money to strengthen cricket infrastructure


KARACHI, Oct 05 (APP):Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja on Tuesday sought support from the business community to inject money into the infrastructure of cricket.

While addressing the business community at a gong ceremony held at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), he said that the main purpose of his visit to Karachi was to boost the cricket economy.

Ramiz Raja said that PCB would give direction and needed the support of the business community for robust economy of the cricket and its infrastructure development.

He said that it would be a win-win situation for both PCB and the businessmen.

He said that currently the Pakistan cricket was rested upon ICC funding.

He further said that everyone has to contribute towards cricket. Giving example of neighboring countries teams, he said that they had grown financial and moving forward.

Raja said that if your team would be the best team of the world and you had strong cricket economy then no team would think to pull out like the teams of New Zealand and England.

The PCB chairman stressed the need for collect efforts to enhance cricket economy and its infrastructure. He said that everything could be possible if cricket was financially injected.

He further said being a cricketer he had more responsibility. He said, ‘My constituency is cricket.’

Ramiz Raja said that things would take sometime to improve but hoped that he would succeed in his mission of strong cricket economy and its developed infrastructure.

He said, ‘Our school cricket is reviving now, our club cricket is at the back and do not have grounds etc.’ He said, but, many works were going to happen and grounds would be built.
Ramiz Raja said, ‘I have idea about the capacity of players and I know what I have to do.’

He said that the preparations for the world cup were underway.

Earlier, the PCB chairman struck the gong to open trading. He also met the Board members of PSX and capital market representatives.

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