Rathore hails role of Pakistani diaspora in Canadian politics, public life


OTTAWA, Sep 30 (APP): Pakistan’s High Commissioner-designate to Canada Ameer Khurram Rathore has lauded the role and contribution of Pakistani diaspora in the political and public life in Canada.

He said that the recent showing of the Pakistani diaspora in the electoral process in Canada, particularly the participation of nearly 30 persons in the electoral process and the election of six of them as members of Parliament, was a reflection of their laudable role and contribution to the politics and public life in Canada.

He was sure that the Pakistani community would further strengthen its role and identity as an engaged community in the social and political fabric of Canada in future.

He made this statement while addressing an online public forum held by the Pakistan High Commission Canada along with its Consulates in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to address the issues and concerns of Pakistani Canadians with regard to various consular and public services.

Consulate General of Pakistan Toronto Abdul Hameed, Consulate General of Pakistan Vancouver Janbaz Khan and Consulate General of Pakistan Montreal Ishtiak Ahmed Aqil also attended the forum and answered questions of the community.

During the hour-long public forum, a broad range of issues including procedure for processing of succession or legal heir certificates, suggestions for always-on online banking, tax and other services for overseas Pakistan, modalities for increasing intake Pakistani students in fast-track visa processing facility of Student Direct Stream (SDS), organisation of Azadi Day and other national events at large, community level, proposals for bilateral aviation businesses, issue of taxation in case of using Roshan Digital Accounts (RDAs), renewal of NICOP, opening of NADRA facility in Toronto and updated directory of Pakistani businessmen and issue of job requirement or proof of income for opening Roshan Digital Account (RDA) were discussed.

High Commissioner Ameer Khurram Rathore said he had set out to enhance the bilateral trade and commerce between Pakistan and Canada and increase the intake of Pakistani students in the Canadian universities and colleges under the fast-track visa processing scheme of Student Direct Stream (SDS) offered by the Canadian government to only seven countries, including Pakistan.

He said the Pakistan High Commission Canada would arrange in November an online education expo bringing together educational institutions and educational consultants from Pakistan and Canada to create synergy in efforts for creating awareness of the SDS and draw interest and attention of the prospective Pakistani students to educational opportunities in Canada available under the SDS.

During the public forum, the community members were assured that the Government of Pakistan was striving to facilitate and streamline the provision of online NICOP and other services through NADRA and a NADRA facility would soon be opened in Toronto to provide on-the-spot facilitation to members of community. 

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