Foreign media explores cultural, scenic sites in China’s Gansu province


BEIJING, Sep 18 (APP):A group of foreign media based in the Chinese capital and other cities explored historical, cultural and tourist places in Gansu – the Silk Road’s corridor to China.

Entrusted by the Press Department of Gansu Provincial Party Committee, “The World and China” Magazine coordinated and organized 12 foreign journalists and photographers from Pakistan, Serbia, Hungary, the United States, Russia, France, Malaysia, Greece and Poland to visit the province.

As an important province on the Silk Road, Gansu province has many historical and cultural attractions where you can feel the charm of ancient China.

Located at the intersection of the Loess Plateau, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Inner Mongolia Plateau, Gansu enjoys diverse landforms such as grasslands, deserts, and, most notably, its unique Danxia landforms.

Zhangye is located in the middle of Gansu, where Gansu is narrowest. The group visited Pingshanhu Grand Canyon, a complex tourist attraction integrating natural wonders, canyon exploration, geological research, and ethnic custom and experienced the most beautiful landscape. They also visited Horseshoe Temple and famous Zhangye Wetland.

The colourful Danxia landform is a famous tourist attraction in the Gansu province. The site was awarded the “Top 20 Chinese Tourist Attraction” title a couple of year ago. The Big Buddha Temple is also located in the city.

Tianshui, between Lanzhou and Xi’an, has old Silk Road sites, like the Maiji Mountain Grottoes. Here the group attended the Fuxi Grand Ceremony, a national intangible cultural heritage and visited world cultural heritage site, Maiji Mountain, one of four largest grottoes of China.
The Maiji Mountain grottoes were built during the Later Qin Dynasty, more than 1600 years ago, and contain more than 7800 clay and stone sculptures.

On its way to Longnan, the group visited the Pre-Qin Cuturle in Li County. In Longnan, Everyone was surprised to see the palm and olive trees on both side of the street. The local officials accompanied the reporters to visit the online shopping platform for olive products and local specialities.

Later, they visited Guan’egou, a national forest park and tourist attraction. On the way, the group stopped for a while at the village of the Qiang nationality and purchased handicrafts.
According to local officials, May to October is the best time to visit Gansu province. The weather in late spring and early autumn is comfortable. In summer, the grasslands of Gannan are at their best with thick green grass.

Much of Gansu Province is desert land, and precipitation throughout most of the province is meagre. Sun protection and hydration are important, especially when travelling in summer.

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