WHO appreciates Pakistan’s response for containing COVID-19

WHO Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Oct 23: World Health Organization (WHO) mission on Friday appreciated the response of federal and provincial governments for effectively containing COVID-19 pandemic.

The WHO mission from EMRO region were presenting their findings at a debriefing session chaired by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Health Services Dr Faisal Sultan.
The WHO mission comprises of a team of WHO experts, visiting Pakistan from October 14 to 24.

The objectives of the mission were to review lesson learn from Pakistan COVID-19 response to work with national and provincial experts in health.

The main area of review was surveillance, point of entry, risk communication and community engagement, and continuity essential health services.

Dr Palitha Mahipala, head of mission, WHO was also present in the meeting.

Dr Faisal Sultan appreciated the efforts of WHO mission and WHO Country Office in identifying the gaps and recommendations in the suggested areas of the International Health Regulations 2005.

He acknowledged that by strengthening the gaps and identified areas, we can enable the health system to deal with any kind of infectious disease emergency, as COVID-19.

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